About Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale


Nautilus wholesale has been operating for nearly ten years with our warehouse and shipping facility located in Florida.

Our reputation has grown quickly in the ornamental fish industry based on our quality and service to our customers.  We are not a transhipper, but a true wholesale facility with state of the art life support system and very dedicated husbandry staff.

Another important quality of Nautilus Wholesale is our ability to ship fish, reptiles and plants in any quantity that meets the needs of you and your customers.  All fish are quarantined five to seven days before being sold.  We import weekly over fifteen countries, (Costa Rica, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Bali, Philippines, Haiti, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore and Nigeria). Additionally we maintain close relationships with dozens of top vendors of freshwater fish in Florida to ensure huge varieties and the very best availability.

We also offer many shipping and delivery methods to your local airport or direct to the store.